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Almond milk

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Almond milk

I wouldn’t say that I like Almond milk, but I am definitely a fan. How is that possible? I guess it is, in food world. You know that something is really good for your health but whether one likes it enough to consume it; is an altogether different story . It is an amazing source of minerals and vitamins. These days am trying to include variety of  foods and drinks in our daily menu. So, I decided to prepare Almond milk. Why home made? Most of the home made recipes are healthy and we exactly know what are the ingredients. We have control over what we eat, which I like :) . Moreover, there is a controversial ingredient called ‘Carrageenan’  found in most of the milk substitute products sold in the market. It is derived from red algae and is used as thickening agent. It is a potential carcinogenic. Surprisingly, it is even found in Organic products. USDA has approved it. Why? I wish I had an answer. Scientific evidence supporting carrageenan’s role in cancer is thin but still it is a concerning issue among the consumers. Honestly, I do not want to take chances when it comes to food. May be it is…may be it is not. I don’t want anyone to find out in a hard way. In addition, making homemade Almond milk is so damn easy. Choice is ours….it always is! Isn’t it? I am going to make an effort here on to make almond milk twice a week.


I adapted this recipe from one of my favorite websites ‘Kitchn’. Love it. Thanks for the inspiration.


Almonds: 1 cup

Water: 2 cups

Honey: 1 tsp

Vanilla extract: 1 tsp

Serves: 2

Prep time: 15 mins


1. Soak almonds for 1-2 days (Water should  be enough to cover all the almonds). Almonds nicely absorb water and shows off beautiful veins.


2. Drain water and blend almonds with 1/4 cup of water first.

3. Add rest of the ingredients and remaining water to this mixture and blend it for 5 mins.

Almond milk

4. Line the strainer with a cheese cloth and strain this almond mixture. It should approximately yield two cups of almond milk. Squeeze the cheese cloth containing almond mix as much as possible to extract maximum milk.

Almond milk

 ~~~Drink Hearty~~~


1. Store it in refrigerator and consume within 2 days.

2. You could use the left over almond meal for several dishes. I add bit of spices and salt in it and add it to different gravies. I call this almond meal- spice mixture ‘Almondini’. Please check out my recipe for the same.

For Recipe box:

Almond milk  Recipe Postcard

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    • Devi

      August 19, 2014

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      Hi Preetha,
      Sure, its easy and yummy :). Thanks so much for stopping by.

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