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Jalebi – Indian funnel cake

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To celebrate Diwali –  India’s famous Festival of lights. I made some sweets. This dish is called ‘Jalebi’. You could say in loose terms that this is equivalent to funnel cake in the western world of desserts.  It is believed that Jalebi is brought to Indian subcontinent by the Persians. They have a similar dish by the name of ‘zalibiya’ .  Many countries in Africa and Middle East also have this dish with different names. I often ponder that this is the beauty of food. It travels, transforms and gives joy to so many people around the world. Its a true definition of joy. Jalebi is a very simple dish. Its made by deep frying the all purpose flour in the shape of funnel cake and then its dipped in sugar syrup. Its a common sweet during Indian festivals and a lovely snack for sweet tooth. I adapted this recipe from one of my favorite you-tube video channels by Manjula Aunty. Thanks so much for inspiring me. I am sending loads of love your way Aunty. Happy Diwali and thanks again.

Jalebi ingredients

During Diwali, homes are thoroughly cleaned and altar is prepped for worshiping our Gods. I live in a tiny studio in Manhattan. While cleaning my apt , a funny thought came to me, all these years when I had the luxury of big kitchens, I never thought of starting a food blog. It is when I moved to the Big apple’s tinniest studio with a tinniest kitchen, I had this zeal of starting a food blog. Its funny how things happen sometimes in life. So, I decided to take few pictures of my lovely kitchen. Its tiny, but I have organized it on the basis of functionality to keep my life simple. Nearby restaurant was throwing away there shelf that they have been using to store coffee related items. I gave it a new home – which is my kitchen. Yay! it gave an organization boost to my sweet small kitchen. I store mostly my small  dishes and utensils here  and also added a snack basket (and it looks good too) that holds all sorts of snacks and breakfast items.

Kitchen- 1

I also thought of introducing my kitchen to you guys, its a place where I spent my quality and significant time of my life. Sometimes, its a stress buster joint, sometimes a place where I plan my life etc. Its funny its just a space, but could transform itself into any place in the world that I want it to be. The meals that I cook brings my family together which means a world to me. And recently it has given me so many new friends who share the same love. So , there couldn’t be a perfect timing to open my doors of kitchen and let my new friends in my little place of wonder.

Kitchen- 2

 This half of my kitchen has part of my pantry, gadgets and few dishes.

Kitchen- 3

Kitchen- 4

In the cabinets above my gas stove, I mostly store my spices, pantry items and lower cabinets have my pots and pans that I usually keep in nested format that saves lot of space. It was fun taking you guys on my kitchen tour. I hope you enjoyed this short but fun trip.

Kitchen- 5


Jalebi batter: 

All purpose flour – 1/2 cup

Gram flour – 1 tsp

Sugar – 1/2 tsp

Canola oil – 1/2 tsp

Rapidly rising Yeast –  1/2 tsp

Luke warm water – 1/2 cup


Sugar – 1 cup

Water – 1/2 cup

Cardamoms – 3 (crushed in mortar pestle)

Lemon juice –  1 tbsp


Canola Oil – For deep frying (should cover 3/4 inch of the pan)

Makes : 10-12 large Jalebis ( depends on size)

Prep time: 1 hr

Frying time : 10 mins


1. For jalebi batter: Activate yeast by mixing it with 1 tbsp of water. Give it a good mix until it becomes smooth paste.

Activated yeast

2. Then to this yeast mixture add all purpose flour, gram flour, sugar (1/2 tsp) and oil (1/2 tsp). Again mix it to make a smooth paste with luke warm water. Cover it with a lid and keep it aside for an hour in warmer place.

Jalebi batter

3. For syrup: Add sugar with water and add lemon juice and crushed cardamoms and boil it till the syrup is up to one string consistency (keep stirring intermittently).


4. Transfer the batter after an hour in a new ketchup bottles.

Transfer the jalebi batter

5. On medium flame heat the oil for deep frying the jalebis.

Frying jalebis

6. Once jalebis are fried, take it out and put them on paper towel to absorb excess oil. Immediately soak jalebis in the syrup for few seconds on both sides and take it out on a dish.

Frying jalebis in sugar syrup


7. Dish is ready to be served.

Jalebis- 1

~~~Eat Hearty~~~

For Recipe box: 

Jalebi recipe card


1. You could also add saffron for a great color.

2. Oil temperature is key for this dish, shouldn’t to be too hot or cold.

3. Ketchup bottles is my preference to squeeze jalebis with ease, but you could use anything you like.

4. Consistency of jalebi batter shouldn’t be too thick or thin.

5. You could also have these jalebis with ice-cream – adds another dimension to this sweet experience.

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