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Asparagus-Red pepper-Potato curry

on Jun 17, 2014

    Happy Fathers day! Love and patience that is what comes to my mind when I think of my dad.  This dish is dedicated to him, who has been there for us like a strong foundation. Thanks dad for everything. I  recently started my vegetable farm share. I was so excited about the farm share that I even took pictures and made a photolog about it. Thats me – “the crazy”. While growing up in India, mom tells me that there was never a thought process involved trying to include veggies in diet.  It was and is a default case that every meal would have one-two veggies, one lentil based sauce (daal), rice and roti (wheat bread). Now-a-days with busy lifestyle, we eat whatever is convenient and quick. But things are changing and services like farm share is again making it possible to go back to basics. Every meal has a variety of veggies. I got loads of greens in my...

Mango-Asparagus sandwich

on Jun 1, 2014

Last week was our wedding anniversary. I don’t know how time flew by.  Best part is that we hold hands as we watch life unfold in front of our eyes. Sometime life changed us, some other times we changed life. Overall, all is well. I am sure everybody has come across those moments in their lives when just words are not enough to describe the feelings. I do get overwhelmed on days like these. Overwhelmed by love…of course. I thank God/super power whatever you want to call it… for everything in my life. There is nothing much to say, I just wish us a life that is filled with love and health.   I also pray that we could spread the same wealth of positivity that life has bestowed on us through our dear ones. On this special day – 6 years ago, we promised each other to have simple but significant lives together. We would support each other and our loved ones to move forward in right...

Welcome to the sound of ladle

on Sep 23, 2012

Life is beautiful especially when food is around This dish above looks awesome. Why wouldn’t it, its from Le Pain Quotidien in Manhattan. I wish, I would have made this. Quite a mouthful as well as healthy.     It’s a truth that these days ….lifestyle is becoming so busy that we don’t even have time for one of the most important thing in life “ to cook” for our family, for our near and dear ones and not the least for ourselves. A daily home cooked meal is becoming such a rare/holiday’s event.    I like cooking very much especially for my family and friends. It’s a fantastic way of getting together in the kitchen without forcing anybody to actually be there.  We just chill out with each other and find out how everybody’s day was. Home cooked meals bond us. But face it…..most of the days are so crazy that am not able to cook as much as I want to. As soon as I hit home, I feel so...