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 Welcome to the sound of ladle

I am Devi Annamalai. I love to have home cooked meals. I used to eagerly wait for school lunch breaks, it was the time when we all friends used to share our food. It was a fun experience, and educational  if I think about it now. We were learning through food about different cultures. It was a classroom without any boundaries where stomach was full  and brain was happy. At that time, I didn't know that I had passion for food. Life takes us through so many pathways that carves one's personality. 

On this journey called "LIFE" I have met many inspiring people who are passionate about their life, work, etc.  And they would live forever in my experiences. This blog is inspired by them and nourished by friends and family's love. Like most of the food enthusiasts, when I started, I didn't know much about cooking but later it became my passion. This foodie twist came in my life after I got married. My husband loves food + I love him = I love to cook. This website is a place where I celebrate sweet memories in the form of food. Inder - love of my life - gifted me this website on our wedding anniversary this year and 'thesoundofladle' is our collaborative effort - our labour of love.  

I hope to take you on a food tour starting from our kitchenette. Most of the recipes that I make are traditionally passed down from generations. Some are inspired by other great cooks - one of them being my 'Mum' (love u), some are fusions of east and west and some have a little twist of my own passion in it.


I am a scientist by profession. In Science, experiments are usually driven by observations. Likewise, my cooking is also driven by understanding the ingredients. From food point of view, I am rediscovering this world through this website. I am having fun and I hope you join me in this journey as well.  And together we could exponentially increase our knowledge about our common love...Food.  

My interest in photography grew alongside my cooking experience. Hence, I started my food pics collections  

I would love to hear from you. So please drop me a line or come just hangout @thesoundofladle,  I promise - your tummy and soul would never leave hungry.




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